Restart Plan


 Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah has developed its Institutional Plan for Restart based on the standards for Restart published by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education of New Jersey and on the Governor of New Jersey’s Executive Orders pertaining to Institutions of Higher Education.

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah included members of its community in the development of the plan, including members of the administration, members of the administrative staff, members of the faculty and student representatives.


General Safeguarding

 Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah has instituted the following general safeguarding guidelines regarding sanitation and social distancing to protect the health and safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah has developed a cleaning and sanitation protocol as follows: Entrance halls and common areas will be cleaned twice a day, classrooms will be cleaned daily, restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized 3-4 times a day, and food preparation and service areas will be sanitized before and after each meal service.

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah requires all student, faculty, staff and visitors to wear face masks at all times. Students and staff will be requested to bring their own masks. Yeshiva will have a supply of masks available at the main office for those who need. Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will keep adequate supply of personal protective equipment and supplies such as cleaning spray/wipes, soap and hand sanitizer, paper towels, masks, and gloves. The maintenance manager, Yitz Goldstein, will be responsible to keep adequate stock of supplies and restock on a regular basis.

Everyone on campus will be required to adhere to social distancing requirement, promulgated by the State of New Jersey and the federal CDC. There will be tape markings on the floor of study halls, classrooms, and dining areas (when allowed to open) to indicate proper distances. Chairs and desks will be set up apart. The maintenance manager, Yitz Goldstein, will check and adjust the setup of all furniture every morning, to ensure that it is properly distanced.

Gatherings and assemblies will be limited to whenever absolutely necessary. All participants will adhere to social distancing and wear masks at any gatherings.

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah has developed a program to train students, faculty and staff regarding COVID sanitation and social distancing practices, as follows:  Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will distribute pamphlets detailing sanitation and social distancing protocols, and describe how to recognize COVID symptoms and get tested if COVID infection is suspected. Signage will be prominently displayed.

For further information and websites offering training on COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures, students and staff are encouraged to visit the following sites.


Screening, Testing, and Contact Tracing Protocols

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah has implemented protocols for COVID testing, contact tracing, and safely handling any positive or suspected cases of COVID. Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will be following all state and CDC guidelines for safe COVID handling and will be working with the Ocean County Health Department. All testing and contact tracing will be executed in a manner that will protect the privacy of those tested or confirmed to be infected with COVID. All confirmed cases of COVID will be reported to the local health department in a timely manner to ensure that proper measures and contact tracing can be put into effect.  All students and personnel are required to be tested and have a negative test result before they can return to campus. Testing is available at the following locations:

CHEMED Health Center:
1771 Madison Avenue, Lakewood NJ 08701
732-364-6666 (Appointment may be required)

Chai Urgent Care:
400 New Hampshire Avenue, Lakewood NJ 08701
732-994-2424 (Appointment may be required)

Due to the limited staff, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will not be offering on-campus testing. However, non-contact infrared thermometers will be available at the entrance with signage requesting a temperature check when entering the campus, and to then be repeated daily.

Once returned to campus, any person displaying COVID symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, and lack of taste and smell will be required to be re-tested. Should any person on campus test positive, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will notify the Ocean County Board of Health and follow their protocol. Should a student become sick with COVID, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will make arrangements to safely transport the student to his home. If transport is not safe or practicable, the student will be able to quarantine in a  safe area which has been designated for this purpose. If the situation requires more  serious and immediate attention, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will contact an appropriate local urgent care provider.

Yeshiva will keep a log of all students, faculty, and staff that has returned to campus, in order to trace contact should someone on campus develop COVID-19. Visitors will be generally discouraged, and will only be allowed entry for urgent and essential reasons. Should someone need to visit, they will be required to sign in and provide contact information. Persons who had returned to campus prior to reopening, such as administrative and janitorial  staff, will also be recorded.



Stage 1

All instruction will be performed through distance education.

Stage 2

All instruction will be performed through distance education unless Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah is granted a waiver. If a waiver is granted, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will follow the waiver’s guidelines for safe, limited in person instruction.

Stage 3

Safety protocols will be put in place to ensure that Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah is complying with general safeguarding measures as set by the State. Students and staff will be required to wear masks and social distance in all classrooms and study halls. Furniture will be strategically placed to allow for social distancing, and tape markings on the floor will indicate proper distances. Signs will be prominently displayed, reminding all to social distance.

Classrooms and study halls will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Cleaning spray bottles/ disinfectant wipes will be placed in every room so that high touch areas and shared surfaces can be sanitized regularly.

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will accommodate faculty and students who cannot attend in person classes either because they are immune-compromised and at high risk for catching COVID, or because they are sick with COVID. Students will be able to continue learning via distance education. Faculty members will be accommodated to give classes over the phone or through Zoom if necessary.


On-Campus Residential Housing

Phase 1

No students will be allowed to reside on campus. Exceptions will be made only if a student has no home to return to or cannot return home due to extenuating circumstances.

Phase 2

Only a limited number of students will be allowed to live in the dormitory. The dorm will only be filled to a maximum of 50% capacity. Students with the greatest need will take priority to be allowed into the dorm. All common areas will be closed. Hallways will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  Visitors will not be allowed in the dormitory unless it is absolutely necessary. Students will be encouraged to minimize visits to rooms other than their own.

Phase 3

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah dorm will be operating, albeit at reduced capacity. Our dormitory’s regular occupancy rate is 95%, based on previous years.  In Phase 3 the maximum occupancy rate will be 70%, thereby allowing for fewer students per room and more space between students. Students with greatest need, such as students from out of town, or students coming from emotionally/financially challenged homes will take priority in being admitted to the dormitory. All common areas will be sanitized by the maintenance staff daily, and bathrooms will be sanitized three times per day. Common areas will be open with clear signage reminding all to social distance. Spray bottles and disinfectant wipes will be placed in strategic locations throughout common areas so that shared space and equipment can be sanitized as needed. The school has designated special suites for students who test positive for COVID to quarantine in, should the need arise. The suites can accommodate 5 students. Additional rooms can be designated for quarantine as well, should more space be necessary.


Libraries and Computer Labs

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah does not have a separate library facility. All books are stored on open stacks in the main study hall. Anyone using the books will need to follow the protocol set in place for the study hall.

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah does not have computer lab facilities.



Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah does not have a designated research lab.


Student Services

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah offers students services such as financial aid services, recordkeeping services (registration, transcripts, etc.) and individual tutoring and counseling. These services will be available by appointment to eliminate any social gathering in the waiting area, and will continue to be available to students both in person with social distancing and by phone/Zoom.



Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah campus is small, and all buildings on campus are easily accessible by foot. Shared rides are discouraged. Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will provide transportation for students sick with or displaying COVID symptoms.



Stage I

All indoor dining facilities will be closed. Grab and go meals will be available to any students residing on campus.

Stage 2

Grab and go meals will be available to all students on campus. Outdoor dining options may be available. Outdoor diners will sit apart and engage in social distancing. Outdoor dining and food service areas will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each meal service.

Stage 3

All dining and food service will follow the governor’s executive orders. When indoor dining is allowed, Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah will have separate meal times for different grade levels, to ensure that the dining room will only be filled to lower capacity and that all students will be able to maintain distance during meals. Chairs will be placed apart, and tape markings on the floor will indicate proper distance. All surfaces will be wiped down and disinfected before and after food service, and in between shifts. The percentage of capacity and number of students allowed in the dining room will be adjusted as necessary to comply with the governor’s executive orders. Yitz Goldstein will be responsible to deliver food to quarantined students in a safe manner. Grab and go meal options will be available to any student who prefers not to eat in the dining room. If the governor’s order does not allow for indoor dining at the time of reopening, adjustments will be made to accommodate outdoor dining or provide grab-and-go meals available for pickup. Training for all dining employees will be provided on appropriate sanitization and social distancing practicing and protocols.


Study Abroad and International Travel

Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah does not offer any study abroad at this time.



Yeshiva Ohr Zechariah does not have any organized athletic activity.